The Many Wonders of Forskolin: Dr. Oz’s Miracle Weight Loss Product

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 36.5% of the current population is obese. This means about 1 of every three folks in the US are seriously overweight. With such a high number, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are interested in forskolin’s weight loss effects.

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Forskolin has been making a buzz in the supplement industry for quite a while now. With its impressive, science-backed results, it’s not surprising that it has piqued the interest of many. With a large chunk of the population being severely overweight, a fast and easy way to shed pounds is more than welcome. Forskolin gets to offer and guarantee both, so it makes perfect sense that lots of people now want to add it to their diets.

What is Forskolin?

What exactly is forskolin, though? How does it get to offer the grand promises it’s best known for? And why is it a highly coveted supplement?

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Defined as a natural compound produced by the tuberous roots of the Indian Coleus (Plectranthus barbatus) plant of the mint family, it’s primarily used to boost the cells’ reactions to hormones and other signals. It’s native to Nepal, Thailand, Uganda, and India.

It’s mostly used in the study of cell physiology but it has also always been used in Ayurvedic medicine. This made it possible for scientists to explore the possible forskolin benefits. Because if it has been used for centuries by locals, then there must be something more to it.

Today, forskolin is best known for its weight loss properties. With a good portion of the population being overweight, quick, easy, and effective products that can deal with the excess weight are in high demand. Forskolin tends to offer all of the above, so it’s natural that people will want to give it a go.

It should be noted, however, that forskolin has only been widely studied as an extract. So even if you have access to the herb that contains the compound, you’re not guaranteed to get the best results from consuming its tuberous roots. If you’re curious, however, they’re often served pickled in India and other parts of Asia.

The best way to consume forskolin nowadays is through supplements. They’re widely available in pill form, making them very convenient to consume.

Why Take Forskolin?

If you’re trying to get in better shape, adding forskolin to your weight loss efforts is a good idea. This substance is very promising when it comes to getting rid of excess fat without you having to spend hundreds of hours at the gym.

Let’s face it: losing weight is not easy. In fact, your body is against it. As you age, your metabolism slows down and fat is more easily stored. The human body is wired this way as it means of preparing you for the lean months. It’s a survival instinct because with more fat, the more of it you can burn for energy when you need it the most.

Unfortunately, you don’t really need to store fats to get through winters in the modern day and age. With technology heating homes and keeping most people sedentary all year long, having lots of fat in the body is even more of a danger than a means of survival. This is why fat needs to be eliminated.

However, it’s easier said than done. Living a modern lifestyle also means you’re preoccupied with so many things and you enjoy that you’ll barely have time to exercise or diet.

Forskolin supplements offer a very simple way to help you lose weight. This makes it an excellent addition to any weight loss regimen as it can be easily integrated into any routine. You just need to remember to take it daily according to its recommended dosage and you’re good to go.

This natural compound isn’t just for slimming down, though. It can do so much more than just help you get the bikini bod you’ve been dreaming of. It’s also widely used to treat other conditions, making it a rather well-rounded and useful substance.

How Forskolin Works for Weight Loss

So far, so good, right? Forskolin sounds like something you should check out if you want to lose weight without making too much fuss. But how exactly does it work?

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As mentioned above, it can boost cell reactivity to hormones and other significant signals. Forskolin is said to stimulate bodily functions because of its ability to rapidly and directly stimulate the many forms of the adenylyl cyclase enzyme. This also triggers the spike in cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP, levels.

With higher cAMP levels, the body can perform certain vital tasks better as it also activates more enzymes and cell functions. These are also good reasons why it’s not just beneficial for weight loss, but for your overall health as well.

What’s even better is that forskolin’s effects on cAMP are reversible without having to rely on cellular receptors like beta adrenoreceptors. It’s a rather simple compound that works straight to the point.

Forskolin and Weight Loss

Still confused how forskolin can help your weight loss efforts? Put simply, it has a lot to do with fat metabolism. According to in vitro studies, forskolin can trigger liposys in fat cells. This refers to the process of breaking down or the release of fat.

What forskolin does is it stimulates the fat cells to release the fat stored in it just like it would when the fat is needed to be used as energy. In short, forskolin lets you consume and burn your stored fat even without working out.

Forskolin’s effectiveness is proven by various studies. One, conducted by the researchers at the University of Kansas tested its effects on 30 obese or overweight men. For twelve weeks, 15 men took a placebo while the rest took 250 mg of 10% pure forskolin extract twice daily. As a result, the men who took forskolin saw a great decrease in their body fats and a nice boost to their testosterone levels.

These positive results are further supported by another separate study. This time, 12 overweight women were enlisted. Six took the same forskolin dosage while the others took placebo. After eight weeks, the women that took the supplement had 8% less body fat. They also lost a median weight of 10 lbs, making the substance even more promising.

With these, forskolin supplements became an excellent alternative to many diet pills. It addresses the actual problem of your weight gain: your stored excess fat. By doing so, it can definitely help you shed the extra pounds you have.

For the best results, it’s recommended to combine forskolin with other weight loss methods. As most products that contain this substance aren’t marketed as diet pills, they cannot always guarantee weight loss on their own. They can, however, help speed up the process.

With its fat-burning ability, it will definitely help you lose a few inches on your waist if you pair it with a solid workout routine. To help ensure that the fat you’ve burned with its help won’t be replaced by new ones, creating a calorie deficit is a must. You can do this by either exercising more or watching your food intake.

Forskolin Pills for Weight Loss

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Forskolin as a Testosterone Booster

Another way how forskolin can be useful in your weight loss efforts is through its effective testosterone boosting effects. The same study mentioned above noted that forskolin was able to boost the male subjects’ testosterone levels for up to 30%. This great number makes it a very promising option for many fitness buffs and bodybuilders.

According to some experts, the spike in free testosterone levels can also be the very cause of the effective fat release that is triggered by forskolin in the studies mentioned above. This makes forskolin an even more attractive option for men who want to get in better shape.

The boost in testosterone levels can swap out the flabs into muscles, leaving you with a more toned physique. This can also be the very reason why fat loss is observed among bodybuilders who take testosterone boosters.

Aside from being an effective testosterone booster, however, forskolin is also believed to be a “testosterone utilizer”. This means that it helps ensure the proper and efficient use of the male hormones. As a result, you can expect more from forskolin. This guarantees more effective muscle building and weight loss in men.

Other Benefits of Forskolin

As mentioned above, forskolin was traditionally used as medicine in Ayurveda. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has been used to treat a good range of ailments before. It was also researched widely to discover its other benefits.

Aside from weight loss and muscle building, it can also do a lot for improving your health. Some of its proven uses include the treatment of the following ailments:


Forskolin has established itself as an effective substance that boosts the body function known as the cyclic AMP. It usually results in the relaxation of the muscles around the bronchial tubes which allow easier breathing and air flow. Most asthma drugs are formulated to do the same thing which makes this substance a good pick for treating asthma attacks and alleviating its symptoms.


A study found out that forskolin is also capable of relaxing intraocular pressure that is a common problem in glaucoma. This made it a viable treatment option for the condition.

Improved Heart Function

Some of forskolin’s traditional uses are for treating congestive heart failure, hypertension, and angina. It’s most effective in lowering blood pressure while improving the heart’s performance. Experts believe that this is due to the increased cAMP that results in the relaxation of the arteries.


Forskolin has also been discovered to be capable of increasing the production of the thyroid hormones. This helps normalize the body’s thyroid levels and addressing the condition the aforementioned condition.


While psoriasis has no known cure, forskolin is said to be capable of alleviating its effects. With its ability to normalize the cAMP /cGMP ratio in the body, it can slow down the rapid cell division that causes the condition. The regular intake of forskolin is considered as a handy addition to the management of psoriasis.

Antispasmodic Effect on Smooth Muscles

Due to its ability to relax smooth muscles in the body, forskolin can also be helpful in relieving intestinal colic, painful urination, and uterine cramps.

Aside from the ailments listed above, some studies also show that forskolin can also be useful for depression, some tumors, and allergies. It might also help lower the risks of osteoporosis in some people.

Dr. Oz’ Stamp of Approval: “A Miracle Weight Loss Supplement”

Further hyping up forskolin is the rave reviews it receives from experts and celebrities. One of the many specialists that promote the use of forskolin for weight loss is Dr. Oz.

The famed celebrity doctor who has always been on top of the medical trends and discoveries recognized the potential of forskolin. In 2014, Dr. Oz’ program called this substance as a miracle weight loss supplement. He also dubbed it as the fastest way to lose weight.

Featuring forskolin in Dr. Oz show made the herb more widely known to the public. In his program, he even interviewed a user who claimed to have lost 14 lbs in just 20 days. Not a lot of supplements or ingredients can promise the same speedy results. This makes forskolin stand out and attract even more people who want to shed their extra pounds fast.

Is It Safe?

With so many great forskolin benefits to offer, you might already be interested in trying out this weight loss ingredient. Who wouldn’t be enticed by its promise of fast results, right? Before you get to the shopping part, however, you might want to get to know whether it’s safe to use. There can also be a number of precautions that come with its use, so being aware of all of those is a must.

So, is forskolin safe? Yes, forskolin is safe for consumption. Being a plant-derived ingredient can ensure that the best supplements that feature this substance are all-natural products. You don’t have to worry about any harmful ingredients entering your system with the right forskolin supplement.

The best supplements on the market today are also formulated with your safety in mind, so there shouldn’t be any worries about it having serious adverse effects on your health. However, like any other medication or supplement, it can still have some minor Forskolin side effects.

Headaches and slight stinging of the eyes are two of the reported examples of such. Allergic reactions are also possible, especially if you have certain sensitivities towards herbs like mint. Other Forskolin side effects like diarrhea might also be experienced, depending on what’s mixed with the supplement you’re taking.

If you’re taking prescription meds, the chances of drug interactions are also there. They may not be very high, but it’s still possible for forskolin to interact with medications for high blood pressure and polycystic kidney disease. It’s also not recommended to be taken while on blood thinners, beta blockers, Clonidine, Hydralazine, and anti-platelet drugs.

To ensure your safety, it’s still best to consult with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement or adding forskolin in your diet.

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How to Take Forskolin?

If you’ve been cleared to take forskolin, one thing that you should learn is how to take it properly. According to experts, the optimal dosage for forskolin for weight loss is a 250 mg capsule or two 125 mg capsules of 10% pure forskolin extract daily.

This is the same amount used in the studies mentioned above, so if you want to get similar results, sticking with the same dosage is a good idea. It’s also the “just right” amount and concentration that can prevent Forskolin side effects, so it makes perfect sense to stick to it.

Pure Forskolin Extract and Other Techniques that Guarantee the Best Results

Aside from including the right amount of forskolin to your diet, there are a few more ways how to make the most out of this natural chemical. Some of these include the following:

Only Go for Pure Forskolin

The main selling point of forskolin is the fact that it’s derived from an herb. It wouldn’t be this popular if it’s made from synthetic ingredients. This is why it’s a must to stick with pure forskolin if you want the best results. You can even find ultra pure forskolin supplements on the market today which can be better options.

If a product doesn’t contain naturally derived forskolin, it’s best to give them a hard pass. Those that use artificial ingredients in their mix should also be avoided.

All-Natural Formulations

Because forskolin supplements come from various manufacturers, it’s best to be more discerning with their formulations. If you want to ensure your safety or get a health boost aside from what forskolin can offer on its own, go for an all-natural product.

Look at the other ingredients and make sure that they are or made from natural ingredients. This will help ensure that there won’t be toxic additions to the mix that can make you miss out on the benefits of forskolin.

Right Dosage

As mentioned before, the right dosage is key to getting the great results this compound has to offer. Stick with the recommended dosage to enjoy positive results and avoid experiencing adverse reactions from such a potent natural chemical.

Additional Weight Loss Efforts

Combined with a solid weight loss regimen, it’s entirely possible to lose weight with forskolin. Even Dr. Oz can guarantee this. Forskolin is highly effective in preventing weight gain on its own, thanks to its fat-burning properties. For best results, however, you should use it with additional efforts to create a calorie deficit. This will help you ensure weight loss quickly and effectively.

Where to Buy Forskolin

Ready to give forskolin a shot? The next, and possibly most important, part in trying out this potent ingredient is in choosing which supplement to go for. You need to buy the right product to ensure that you’ll enjoy the benefits that this herbal extract has to offer.

Where to buy forskolin to ensure that you’ll get the best supplement? Getting them directly from the manufacturer is always the best way to get hold of any product you’re interested in. This is especially true for supplements as there’s always the risk of ending up with fake products.

Buying supplements online is one of the most convenient ways to get the best forskolin products out there. It can also be the easiest methods to purchase pills directly from their manufacturers. Using affiliate links are perfectly fine as well, as long as they’ll point you in the right direction.

Searching for forskolin free trials is also a wise way to give these products a shot. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to spend money on something that you’re not 100% sure just yet, this can be an economical move. These free trials will help you make sure that you’ll be paying for a product that will work for you so the risks will be lower.

Just make sure that there are no strings attached to the deal. This way, nothing can spoil the experience even if the product did not really work for you.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey with Forskolin Today

Shedding extra pounds, no matter what the amount, is always a challenge. A helping hand is always welcome. Forskolin is a perfect example of this because of its ease of use and the many benefits that it can offer.

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Forskolin for weight loss is popular for a good reason. This would be the fact that it gets the job done and does so quickly. So whether you already have a solid weight loss regimen or you’re just about to execute one soon enough, adding this supplement to the mix can do wonders for your efforts. With its fat burning and weight management properties, it can guarantee to help you get in better shape.