Forskolin Side Effects

Forskolin Side Effects and Other Helpful Facts for You


Planning to shed some pounds? You may want to try Forskolin, one of the most popular weight loss products in the market today. If you haven’t heard about this product before, you can always find a lot of resources about it: Forskolin side effects, how it works, how to take Forskolin for weight loss, and a lot more facts.

Losing weight could be challenging especially if you love to eat but hate working out. That is why supplements have emerged with the promise of making it a little easier for you to achieve your ideal body size.

Does Forskolin work? Is Forskolin safe? Read our Forskolin Guide. In this article, we will answer these and more questions about this weight loss supplement. Read on and feed your mind with some helpful facts below:

forskolin side effects

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What is Forskolin?

First off, forskolin is a compound contained by the roots of the tropical plant Indian coleus; native to tropical and subtropical regions of East Africa and India. This plant is related to mint and has been traditionally used to treat different conditions. A modern scientific research shows that there may be truth to the health benefits that it provides. It was January 2014 when it gained popularity as a weight loss supplement after Dr. Oz featured it on his show.

The supplement has the capacity to prevent weight gain in obese or overweight people; provided that you use it as part of a healthy lifestyle. A study in 2011 reported that it helped a lot in significantly decreasing the appearance of cellulites in certain body parts in just eight weeks.

But apart from aiding in weight loss, forskolin is also beneficial to cancer patients. A study has found that it has anti-tumor effects particularly on rectal cancer. Moreover, it has the capacity to cause cell death or apoptosis in mutiple myeloma. Lastly, it can also decrease the side effects of chemotherapy drugs.

Forskolin can likewise help reduce high blood pressure. For your information, treating heart conditions including hypertension is one of its ancient uses.

Other uses of forskolin include treatment of digestive conditions, infections, and rheumatism; inducing menstruation; and oral contraceptive. Asthma patients can also benefit from oral and inhaled forskolin.

These are just some of the health benefits you can reap from forskolin. Feel free to do further research to learn more.

Forskolin Free Trial

Pure Forskolin Side Effects

 Forskolin may be a great item; but just like other similar products, it has side effects too. First is the irregular heart rate caused by its derivative colforsin. Should you suffer from polycystic kidney disease, you should avoid taking the supplement. There are also reports on embryo-related toxicity. However, it is important to take note that as of writing, such claims still lack enough clinical trial data.

Meanwhile, you have learned earlier that lowering high blood pressure is one of the health benefits of taking forskolin. In connection to this, there are claims that it can cause hypotension or low blood pressure when you take it with medications like vasodilators, beta-blockers, or calcium channel blockers. There are also claims that it can cause bleeding.

Furthermore, there are some potential issues that are noteworthy. First, one study suggests that the genotoxicity caused by the compound in genetic material can possibly result in mutations and cancer. As you may notice, this could contradict earlier claims that forskolin can help prevent and treat cancer. Some reports also show that it may increase the cyst size of women diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Meanwhile, another claim that comes in conflict with an earlier mentioned benefit of forskolin is that inhaling it to treat asthma may cause cough, tremor, throat irritation, and restlessness.

Should you feel any of the aforementioned symptoms, discontinue use and immediately go to your doctor. Also the following should avoid taking the product: pregnant and nursing women, those with blood disorders, and those already suffering from heart disease.


How to Take Forskolin for Weight Loss

 Typically, you need to take 100 to 250 mg of Coleus forskohlii or 10 percent forskolin two times a day. You can find it in different forms: supplement form, powder in a drink, inhaler, and injection. You can buy the forskolin powder in supplement form over the counter, while powder via inhaler may also be prescribed. And should you suffer from glaucoma, you can directly inject it into your eyes.

Basically, you can buy it anywhere. Once you decide to take this supplement, you need to choose which form you want to have depending on your lifestyle and personal preference. Are you the type of person who prefers to take tablets, or would you rather pour your supplements into a drink? Whatever your choice is, make sure to stick to it.

Also, see to it that you pick the right dosage. Properly educate yourself on which would suits your condition. Talking to your doctor is the only way to make this possible as he or she knows the right Forskolin dosage for you and how you should take your supplements. Get every piece of information that you can to ensure best results.

Meanwhile, take note of certain conditions that might require you to avoid or stop taking the supplement. Be mindful of various occurrences in your body and immediately address possible problems.

 Forskolin Side Effects

Forskolin Free Trial

Does Forskolin Work?

 Many are wondering if forskolin is indeed an effective weight loss product or is it just a hype. Does forskolin really work? How does it aid in weight loss?

The supplement has the capacity to release stored fat, the same thing that occurs when the body uses fat for energy. For best results, a calorie deficit should accompany it. Energy expenditure should exceed energy intake.

Generally speaking, weight loss supplements make calorie deficit possible by suppressing one’s appetite, enhancing metabolic rate, and decreasing the efficiency of digestion. The truth is forskolin does not have the capacity to make these things occur. But some clinical trials suggest that it may encourage fat loss and preserve muscle mass at the same time.

Moreover, there are reports that there has been a significant increase in the forskolin’s free testosterone, which encourages the release of fat and increases muscle mass. This explains the above-mentioned clinical trial results. Meanwhile, another study suggests that the supplement does not have considerable effects on fat loss in women, but it can protect the body against weight gain.

Basing on these pieces of information, it may be safe to conclude that forskolin does not significantly help in weight loss, but it can enhance men’s body composition and prevent women from gaining weight. As of writing, there is still a need for further research to prove various claims and recommend forskolin as a truly effective weight loss supplement.


Is Forskolin Safe?

 Let us start with what forskolin does. Basically, it is a natural cleanser coming from plants. It has the capacity to help the body get rid of toxins. It acts as a powerful antioxidant that makes possible for a user to feel more energetic each day.

Consequently, having more energy allows you to more exercises; hence the weight loss. Generally speaking, forskolin is a natural product that is indeed safe to use.

However, it is important to take note that popular weight loss products are prone to imitation by non-reputable sellers. Some sell products that they claim to be foskilin, but actually contain unnamed and dangerous ingredients. For safety reasons, make sure to buy your supplements only from reputable sellers. Failing to do so may lead to various unfavorable happenings that could affect your overall health.

Also, see to it that you follow the instructions given by your doctor regarding the dosage and how you take the supplements. Negative effects await you should you not follow your physician’s advice. You should also take note of the possible side effects of the supplement and be in the know of your body’s condition.

In hindsight, forskolin may be safe to use because it is a natural product that can truly enhance one’s health. But other factors including your body’s condition, your willingness to follow instructions, and the possibility of imitation by non-reputable sellers could make it unsafe to take. This boils down to your responsibility as a product user.

forskolin free trial

Conclusion: Is Forskolin Worth Taking?

There are numerous angles that you need to look at to determine if forskolin supplement is indeed worth taking. What ingredients does it contain? How does it generally work and how does it help in weight loss? Is it safe for the body?

As for forskolin’s ingredients, we can say that it could be a promising supplement. It is a natural product that could enhance your health.

Regarding how forskolin works, the truth is there is the details gathered through various studies are not enough to make a reliable conclusion. Some facts contradict each other, while some need further research.

Lastly, forskolin is generally safe to use. Just make sure to buy genuine items from a reliable seller.

With all these pieces of information, we can say that forskolin supplement might be safe to use; but only if extra care is observed. While you can just buy it anywhere, it may not be advisable to take it without consulting your doctor. Should there be more intensive and extensive studies conducted, there is a great chance that it will be 100 percent worth taking in the future.